Lasercut Works

Toyota UK / DMS Media // Lexus Ice Tyres
Project Scope: 3D CAD Design, 3D Modelling, CNC Routing, Design Consultation, Fabrication

Creating car tyres from blocks of ice. Tyres from ice? A car driving on ice!

We took the concept of cars driving on ice and flipped it on its head, producing full-scale working tyres constructed from solid ice over 50mm thick cast acrylic – and making the Lexus NX drive on them. Behind this ‘cool’ concept was a serious message – the importance of switching to cold weather tyres during the winter months – a fact that wasn’t lost on the industry experts at Tyre Safe, who awarded Lexus its coveted vehicle manufacturer award. To date, over one million people have watched the supporting films for this project. A one-off commission that presented many challenges, but rewarding to work on.

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