Lasercut Works

Richmond & Towers // Atlas
Project Scope: 3D Modelling, Design Consultation, Fabrication, Hand Finishing, Installation, Laser Cutting

“To mark #GlobalRecyclingDay for our client Beyond the Box we’ve created a cardboard sculpture of Atlas and his globe. Our aim? Showcase the recyclable credentials of cardboard and highlight that, like Atlas, the weight of the world is on our shoulders to be more sustainable” – Richmond & Towers

Richmond & Towers contacted us about making a larger than life cardboard model of Atlas with his globe.

We started off by lionising with the team about what sort of Atlas character style they were after. From there we were able to start designing in 3D on Z – brush. Once the client was happy with how it looked we put the design into ‘Slicer’. In this program we sliced the 3D model into the thickness of recycled card in which the clients wanted to use to create the model. We then laser cut all the layers of the model and assembled them together. We inserted poles inside the model to keep it all aligned to give it strength and structure. The final product was placed and exhibited at Southbank.

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