Lasercut Works

Neat Burger // Store Signs and Interior
Project Scope: 3D CAD Design, 3D Modelling, Design Consultation, Fabrication, Hand Finishing, Hand Polishing, Installation, Metal Engraving, Metal Laser Cutting

Neat Burger serves plant-based based, having a positive impact on both your stomach and the environment. Neat Burger works in association with Beyond Meat and The Eden Projects. For every product sold, a tree is planted. Ethical and predominantly delicious.

For the opening of Neat Burgers we produced personalised store signs and interior furnitures for them. Their outdoor sign was laser cut out of mild steel and painted in pink and green with 2K paint to fit their brand colour scheme. We then welded rods to the back of the signs so that it could sit away from the wall for it to stand out.

For the interior furnitures we created big leaves by cutting and putting together Copper pipes and leaves cut from Aluminium sheets. We shaped them in order for it to curves to produce the natural look of a moving effect. We also painted these with 2K paint creating a flawless smooth finish.



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