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Mouse Tail Coffee Stories // Re-usable Coffee cup branding
Project Scope: Laser Engraving

How do you help a quirky client communicate to their clients that they care for the environment? Why not speak in their language – quirky!

Mouse Tail Coffee Stories name is inspired from barista language where the term ‘mouse tail’ refers to the ideal shape of the stream of espresso. Fine and continuous like a mouse tail – the perfect extraction of espresso. And the ‘Coffee Stories’ part is that their people like to talk and have many good stories to tell.

Mouse Tail Coffee Stories approached us to help brand their re-usable coffee cups which are purchased by clients from their store. The solution needed to reflect their quirky brand values but also respect their environmental credentials. Our solution was to brand the the cork finger guard that surrounds the cup – a simple yet effective solution.

Mouse Tail Coffee Stories 03

Mouse Tail Coffee Stories 02

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