Lasercut Works

Maths Gear // Shapes Of Constant Width
Project Scope: Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving

Founded in 2011 by Steve Mould, Matt Parker and James Grime, Maths Gear started as a maths show. After gaining success with their show they found that viewers were always asking where to buy the props they were using, the only problem being they were homemade. This resulted in them deciding to start making the same props seen on the show in bulk and selling them.

For this project the client requested to have one of their new maths toys ‘Shapes of Constant Width’ cut from black acrylic with their brand logo and some geometric lines etched onto them.

Once the file was ready to go we used one of our C02 laser Machines to both cut out and etch each shape out of 3mm gloss black Acrylic.

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