Lasercut Works

Mason Pearson // Iconic Haribrush
Project Scope: Laser Engraving

MASON PEARSON hairbrushes have been loved by generations, a British design icon that still outperforms its rivals.

The famous orange pad fills with air through a small hole in the tip of the brush, giving the hairbrush a luxurious soft cushion. The high quality boar bristle ensures beautiful results and longevity of us.

Mason Pearson approached us as they wanted to get their iconic hair brushes personalised with individual texts, brand name and logo. We created a jig in order for the hair brush to sit firmly whilst the engraving process was being carried out. This allows the object to be stable allowing the design to engrave perfectly.

After the engraving process we wiped down each individual brush in order to present it perfectly back to the client.

If you are looking to personalise, whether it be small or big quantities, we are happy to help!


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