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Your business card can be someone’s very first impression of you or your company and what industry you compete in. Unique laser cut business cards can make you stand out and don’t always have to be corporate – especially if you work in a creative industry. At our laser cutting studio in London, we at LaserCut WORKS we have worked with clients to help make their visions come to life – even with their business cards. So we’ve compiled a list of cool laser engraved and laser cut business cards that we think are really eye-catching.

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LaserCut WORKS love this business card for Studio Make Believe that we laser cut with the company’s logo and engraved with contact details in our London studio. The sleek design and understated colour palette really show off the design prowess of this company.

At LaserCut WORKS we really enjoy working with different types of materials, especially perspex which has been really on trend recently. You can have your perspex business card laser engraved with your company’s name and contact details to make sure you’re remembered. These eye-popping neon business cards would certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

We love this idea of a business card for a fashion designer. The business card has been cleverly made to look like a clothes tag with a piece of wooden laser cut text and a piece laser engraved with a dress design tied together with ribbon. Both laser engraving and cutting are possibilities for business cards in a range of materials, especially wood or thick card.

This folding business card is unique and stylish with laser cut hands linking as you open it. This would make an awesome business card for anyone working with people.

Business cards don’t always have to be made out of card, like this innovative laser cut business card made of steel and would be great for someone that works in an industry that uses steel. The beauty of laser cutting is that there are so many more possibilities in terms of what material you would like to use for your business card. Have a browse through LaserCut WORK’s website to find out more about what materials we can work with.

We love this idea that challenges the norm of a 2D business card. This cleverly laser cut business card has all the fun of pop-up books that have us reminiscing about our childhoods whilst being a sleek and sophisticated design. It would make a great business card for an architect or architecture firm!

If you’re a business or freelancer in need of a business card update and want to incorporate laser cutting into your unique business card design then look no further – we at LaserCut WORKS are happy to help with any project big or small. Get in contact with us on 020 3441 3374 or email us at to talk about your next project!

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