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From personalised iPhone cases to innovative iPad stands there are plenty of ways you can use laser cutting or engraving to create unique accessories and designs for your much loved Apple products. With Apple launching its new smaller 4-inch iPhone SE we here at LaserCut WORKS are getting excited about all the new laser cutting and laser engraving possibilities.

Below we at LaserCut WORKS have compiled some of our favourite ideas and inspirations to enhance your Apple products.


We love this wooden iPad stand that has been laser cut with engraved detailing to look like a vintage TV set. Perfect for when you’re streaming your favourite TV programme and wanting to add a bit of retro-chic to the experience!


Often we personalise our iPads and iPhones with cases and covers, but why not have your own design permanently engraved onto your favourite device? We love this cool tech based design above but you can have any design or message that’s personal to you engraved. At our studio in London we at LaserCut WORKS can engrave pretty much any material including iPads and iPhones.


This laser cut and engraved wooden Apple Mac keyboard cover adds a bit of vintage chic to a very modern product. The engraved wooden letters on the keyboard add a tactile dimension and the cut out pieces of wood are great for storing accessories.

Even Apple itself knows the simple understated power of laser cutting as showcased in its signage outside its Apple Store in Amsterdam. We at LaserCut WORKS love this signage idea and hope that Apple stores in London and other brands follow suit with branded laser cut signs.


This intricately engraved wooden iPhone would suit an arty type of personality. Engraving is also a great way to personalise accessories and have them match with your unique style like in this case with a matching leather iPad case. Any materials can be expertly laser engraved with one of our large machines at Lasercut WORKS including wood and leather.


Or why not be extra creative with your iPhone case like with this old school camera design also engraved into wood. This case also includes laser cut out sections for your camera lens and side buttons.


Forget accessories! Why not have your actual MacBook lid laser cut with a quirky and innovative design. Go one step further than a MacBook sticker for customisation and have your lid permanently laser cut.

If you’re looking to have your Apple product engraved or if you’re looking for some personalised accessories Lasercut WORKS is here to help. Or perhaps you might be a company after some unique products or gifts for your next event or conference – just get in touch.

Lasercut WORKS is a laser cutting and laser engraving studio based in Bermondsey, London. Please browse the rest of our website find out more about the materials we use, who we’ve worked with and our various laser cutting, laser engraving and 3D printing services at Lasercut WORKS. Or get in contact with us by emailing

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