Lasercut Works

Digital Operated Manufacturing // Autumn / Winter collection
Project Scope: 3D CAD Design, Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving

Radio, record deck, lighting, to amplifier – iconic products brought to life through imagination and skillful interpretation.

Digital Operated Manufacturing (D.O.M.) – is a design led product design company based in London. Specialising in the re-appropriation of iconic products from a bygone age and seeing them in a new light. Their work bridges the gap between product design and art.

D.O.M. approached us to help them to bring to life their creative concepts that were to feature in their Autumn/Winter collection. Numerous tests were made in order to achieve the best yield from the materials and available time. From the initial concept through to production, we added real value to the project and loved the experience too.

DOM – Illuminated Prototypes DOM – Illuminated Prototypes

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