Lasercut Works

DesertFest // Branded jacket patches
Project Scope: Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving

DesertFest hosts Hard Rock Festivals around Europe annually including a 5000-ticket festival in Camden every May. They approached us with a specialist request…

DesertFest required a new version of their already popular branded jacket patches to be produced in time for their Camden Festival in May 2018. The need to keep material usage to a minimum was essential as was the requirement for the chosen fabric to be durable. Leather hides were chosen. We created a design that featured the client logo laser-engraved and laser cut. We also included sewing holes around the perimeter of the shape to make them easy to attach. Several leather hides were arranged within our CO2 laser machines and 1000 patches were engraved and cut over the course of a day.

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