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Cool office space can inspire your workforce making them more productive and energised throughout the working week. We at LaserCut WORKS love working with businesses to provide fit outs, signage and full on fabrication for work and office spaces. London is a really hip city to work in and we’ve seen some pretty cool office spaces (including our own). We’ve collated 5 cool office space designs that we’ve found from around the web to share with you.

Dutch interior design company Studioninedots has renovated this retro office building, previously home to a telecommunications company, in Hilversum, Holland. The company’s design includes removed parts of walls and floors which creates an open space that’s four storeys high – perfect for housing a set of sleek steel staircases.


(image source)(image source)

Barclay Card headquarters in Northampton has been shaken up with the help of APA Architects to create this cool, collaborative office space by up-cycling and rejuvenating old furnishings. The design enables employees to work in groups on special projects.


No blog post about cool office spaces would be complete without mentioning the Daddy of all cool office spaces, Google, complete with relaxation areas, ping pong tables and a slide!


(image source)(image source)

This co-working office space named The Den, provided by Collective Elevator in Soho, allows small businesses 24 hour access to this unique industrial space. It even comes with its own cafe!


Another co-working office space, which has become really popular in recent times with the increasing amount of startups in London, is The Hub in Westminster. This space offers a creative and social space for office workers with a clean yet industrial feel.

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