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At LaserCut Works we work with many of our clients to help realise innovative packaging design concepts that encase truly unique products. We’re really proud of the packaging designs that we’ve worked on with our many machines at our laser cutting studio in London but we also love having a look at cool and creative ideas from other designers from around the web. We’ve compiled a list below of some of our favourite cool laser cut packaging designs.


We love the idea of these flower wraps with a unconventional yet useful handle to easily carry your flowers home without damaging any flowers. The laser cut handle also provides a great way to display bunches in store. This creative packaging was used by a flower pop-up store in Amsterdam, from online flower concept 24 Flower. Many materials can be laser cut including paper.


The cycling craze is rife in London and every good cyclist needs a sturdy bike lock to keep their bike safe. This innovative laser cut packaging idea for a bike lock uses multiple layers of differently laser cut cardboard to make the shape of a bike lock and encase bike locks to keep them protected, perhaps when being sent by post.


Nikita Konkin, a Moscow based designer has created a packaging concept that makes pasta into hair! His interesting idea involves illustrations of three women with cut out see-through panels to show the pasta underneath – the different shapes resemble cool hairstyles with spaghetti for straight hair and macaroni for curly hair. This innovative packaging design could be created with laser cutting machines.


lasercut WORKS packaging

We love this interesting packaging design that we made for one of our clients. This packaging design, made from different coloured cardboard, features both laser cutting for ease of use as well as laser engraved text.


It’s also interesting to look at alternatives to packaging that is more eco-friendly. With more and more convenience food products companies are looking at ways to get rid of packaging waste. This packaging design idea Strange Fruit by Spanish company Laser Food has laser engraved logos and labelling onto fruit instead of using wasteful packaging and stickers. According to D&AD, Marks & Spencer will become the first British retailer to trial this idea.

Whether you’re a packaging designer, business or looking for some unique laser cut or laser engraved packaging LaserCut Works is here to help. If you’re thinking about some cool packaging for a gift or an event we can laser cut or engrave any material at our London studio.

Please browse the rest of our website to find out more about the materials we use, who we’ve worked with and our various laser cutting, laser engraving and 3D printing services at LaserCut Works. Or get in contact with us by emailing or calling 020 3441 3374.

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