Lasercut Works
We have:
  • a point of view
  • curious minds
  • a wealth of experience
  • passion for what we do
  • fun doing what we do

Lasercut are a collection of thinkers and doers. We work with our clients to realise their dreams, meet their deadlines, exceed their expectations, and to form lasting partnerships.

Cut me one. Cut me ten. I need ten thousand and I need them now! No problem, any quantity any time. Laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, CNC routing, water jet cutting, wood cutting, paper cutting, plastic cutting, fabric cutting, stone cutting. Whatever you need producing… just tell us.

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Our clients say
the nicest things.

  • My projects often involve complicated materials and huge scale illustrative scenes made up of fine lines and miniature textures – all of which are tackled with confidence and professionalism by the Lasercut team. They recognise what I want to achieve in each piece, and strive for the best result everytime.

    Daniel Heath
    Daniel Heath
  • Lasercut are great compliment to our team, they always complete cutting jobs for me in a really short turnaround time. They respond quickly and in a professionally. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    Corrie Williamson
    Corrie Williamson
  • Whenever we have a complicated or last minute request I know I can rely on Lasercut. The team will always find a way to make it happen! Their knowledge, response time, and quality, is why we go back to them again and again, thank you!

    Joyanne Horscroft
    The Makerie Studio
  • Lasercut are always a pleasure to work with; very accommodating considering the tight time scale we often ask them to work under, and with a great focus on quality and attention to detail that is rare to find.

    Andrew Barr
    Senior Coordinator
    Ralph Lauren
  • We’ve been working with Lasercut for 5 years and they have always been great to communicate with. They have advised us on projects and even problem solved to make our artwork possible. Even when we have the tightest of deadlines, they can turn the job around quickly – but never with a drop in quality.

    Miss Bugs

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