Students | LaserCut Works


At LaserCut WORKS we are proud to offer our professional service to STUDENTS at a 50% DISCOUNT.

Our team are alumni of several London universities and therefore understand the strain of deadlines in there respected field.

LaserCut WORKS offers Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, CNC Routing and 3D Printing to all students and can often complete work within 24hrs due to our large facilities.

Our Laser machines are capable of cutting thick materials up to 12mm in Timber and 25mm in acrylic. We also work with fine fabrics, cards and papers.

Our CNC ROUTER is capable of working with many materials up to 300mm in thickness and with a bed size 2500×1250, there are few projects we are unable to help with.

Engineering students can also get many metals cut with us and 3D prototypes can be developed with our 3D PRINTERS or 4-axis CNC ROUTER.

Our team consists of alumni from fields in:
Graphic & Media Design
Graphic & Interactive Design
Fashion & Textile Design
Economics & Design

Students are invited to discus their projects and help is always on hand to produce the most successful and intelligent solution.