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At LaserCut WORKS we love creating bespoke pieces for weddings at our laser cutting and fabrication studio in London. We’ve compiled 5 ideas for how you can use laser cutting to help you create a perfectly unique and creative wedding that everyone will be talking about after the event!

1) Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

First things first, when planning your big day you need to think about who you’re going to invite and of course get the invitations sent out. Laser cutting your wedding invites is a great way to make them unique and set the tone of your wedding. You can have your laser cut wedding invitations personally designed just for you to make them extra special. Thin wood is an interesting material to use for your wedding invitations, it’s very on trend at the moment and looks professional. Here is a particularly special invite that we laser cut here at our laser cutting studio in London for the Copeland Reimer wedding.

autumninvite-510x548 300

2) Laser Engraved Wedding Rings

Sometimes weddings can be all about your guests and other people but you must remember that your special day is all about you. So why not create something just for you and your other half to enjoy by having your wedding rings engraved. You can have simply the date of your wedding ceremony, a special message or even a special design engraved into your chosen wedding rings. The great thing about using laser engraving at a studio like ours is that your design can be completely unique to you.

3) Labeled Hangers For Your Special Outfits

How about this cracking idea for some bespoke labeled hangers for you and your wedding party to hang your special dresses and suits on. You can make the labels as wacky and unique as you like the ones we laser cut below or you can go for something simple and classic like Bride, Groom and Mother of the Bride.

laser cut hangers

4) Personalised Wedding Favours For Your Guests

At many weddings the bride and groom supply personalised wedding favours for their guests as a memento of the big day. Using laser cutting is a fantastic way to step your wedding favours up a notch by either engraving the date of your wedding or special message onto your what ever wedding favour you choose to create.

5) Engraved Signage and Way Finders

If you’re having a country wedding or a wedding at an unusual and unique venue you’ll need some signs to let your guests know where to go when it’s dinner time, where the toilets are or where they can boogie after hours. Here at LaserCut WORKS we loved producing these signs for the Weeks Wedding. These beautifully designed signs used handwritten typography engraved into wood and painted white with quirky arrows to keep guests going in the right direction. Elegance and simplicity at it’s finest.
wedding signage

If you’re planning a wedding and want something special engraved or laser cut then get in touch with us at LaserCut Works by calling 020 3441 3374 and see what we can do for you! Check out what else we get up to at our London studio by following us on TwitterInstagram @lasercutworks Facebook @LaserCutWorksLondon.

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