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At LaserCut WORKS we love working with students to help them create work for product design projects. We know now is an especially busy and stressful time for students preparing for their final degree shows in the Summer. Most of our team are alumni in architecture and design from London universities. We love students so much that we offer our professional service to students at a 50% discount and can mostly offer our laser cutting service in London within a quick 24hr turn around to meet your tight deadlines ready for your final Summer degree shows.

We offer our services to a range of students including: engineering students, architecture students, design students, technology students and many more.  With one of our laser cutting machines we can offer many different services from laser cutting and fabricating models to portfolio cover engraving.

Here are some of our favourite student product design works that have really inspired us.


Ted Wiles, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, has created a series of interactive products designed to make the users feel happy. As part of his collection he has produced an elongated toaster that needs to be hugged in order for it to work. Wiles says the act of hugging releases serotonin in our brains making the user of this toaster feel loved and comforted. An interesting idea!


This cool product comes from Simin Qiu who has designed a range of desk accessories, which included storage boxes as well as a clock and a ruler, using waste off-cuts of pine wood that were glued together by hand. Simin Qiu’s work was exhibited at the Royal College of Art’s graduate show in 2015.  The designer used the natural grain of the wood to create a beautiful pattern. We think this is a great idea for recycling waste wood and other materials that come from our laser cutting machines. Although we at LaserCut WORKS always try to make the most of any material we use there are sometimes off cuts which we would love to see being used in this way.


This innovative project comes from Begum and Bike Ayaskan, graduates of the Royal College of Art. The designers have cleverly imagined a plant pot made from a complex origami-like form that is able to unfold and create more space for the plants’ roots as they grow. The plant pots are made of polypropylene that has been machined with a CNC router. At LaserCut WORKS we have a brand new CNC Router that offers machining on sheets up to 2440x1220mm and has a Z – axis capability of 300mm. LaserCut WORKS also offers a complete CNC Routing service tailored to the clients demands on many materials.


Firdaws Fourcroy, a graduate from Central Saint Martins has created a unique set of cutlery that’s difficult to eat with. The aim is to evoke behaviour caused by schizophrenia.


These tools are the designs of Shih-Yen Lo, which were exhibited as part of the Royal Academy of Art’s final show. This set of tools allow novice users to precisely cut sheet materials such as cardboard, foam, leather and cloth for both right and left handers. We hope these innovative tools don’t spell the end of laser cutting!

If you’re currently a student at a London University and are looking to incorporate laser cutting, engraving, CNC router machining or 3D printing into your design project then give us a call on 020 3441 3374 today! Alternatively email us with your requirements on and one of our team will call you back. Have a look at our specific student services for more info.

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