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At LaserCut WORKS we love working with students to help them create work for projects. We know now is an especially busy and stressful time for students preparing for their final degree shows in the Summer.

We offer our services to a range of students including: engineering students, architecture students, design students, technology students and many more. Most of our team are alumni in architecture and design from London universities. We love students so much that we offer our professional service to students at a 50% discount and can mostly offer our laser cutting service in London within a quick 24hr turn around to meet your tight deadlines ready for your final Summer degree shows. With one of our laser cutting machines we can offer many different services from architectural models to portfolio cover engraving.

Over the years we’ve worked with many students and love helping them to create great works that can potentially help them pass their degrees or even get them their first job. With our laser cutting machines in our studio in Bermondsey, London we can help bring students ideas to life.

Below we’ve compiled a list of student architectural concepts that we really admire from past degree shows.


This cool architectural design comes from Freddie Jackson a graduate of University of Westminster which was shown in The University of Westminster’s MA Architecture 2015 Graduate Show. Jackson designed a tidal barrage that produces energy from the sea and encompasses 20,000 new homes.


The team at LaserCut WORKS are equally inspired by Soon-min Hong’s work as part of the Royal College of Art’s 2015 Graduate Show. Hong has proposed an architectural structure called The Risk Theme Park where attractions feature around whirlpools and burning buildings. The concept was designed to show appreciation of high level risk jobs like firefighting.


This crazy envision of square mile in the City Of London’s financial district was designed by Larisa Bulibasa who developed the idea as part of her MArch degree at Bartlett School of Architecture. The labyrinth of buildings evokes the complex nature of the financial system.


Alice Theodorou, an Architecture graduate of the Royal College of Art has come up with this concept for the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre in London. She has used human statues as a strong support for floors in an idea that can withstand nuclear war and flooding to last 10,000 years. The idea was born out of realisation that one of the oldest artefacts is a figurine which is over 40,000 years old.


We also love this installation created by using architecture students’ laser cut offs at The University of Westminster Interior Architecture 2011 end of year show.


LaserCut WORKS is a laser cutting and laser engraving studio based in Bermondsey, London.  Whatever your needs LaserCut WORKS is here to help. We can laser cut and engrave most materials from acrylic, wood, paper and metal in our London studio. 

Please read more about our various laser cutting, laser engraving and 3D printing services for students at LaserCut WORKS. Or get in contact with us by emailing or give us a call now on 020 3441 3374.

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