Lasercut Works

Lily Cain (RCA Student) // Queen Of Hearts - MA final show
Project Scope: Laser Cutting

When Lily first approached us and explained in detail what she was wanting to achieve – this project initially (and literally) gave us butterflies! But we love a challenge and soon her concepts were flying…

What influences Liliy’s creative work? We’ll let her explain: “Materially, I’m a bit of a magpie – collecting things that I like. The craft of my work engages the history of American craft, using it to celebrate the construction and complexity of the female. I gather the images and objects that I am attracted to and create an environment that my work is created out of. Then, I make intuitive conclusions that I later deconstruct. I was trained in the traditional techniques of Printmaking and Painting which has evolved into making small sculptural pieces using butterflies, moths and also found imagery. Being a Printmaker is important to me. It allows me use my strengths of being methodical and detailed oriented to create structure…” Although this project is one our earliest, it is still one that we are fond of. Lily approached us with an unusual request to engrave and cut text from emperor butterfly and Moth wings with text of poems and verbal quotes. The wings were so delicate that the air in the laser had to be turned off as well as the power reduced to it’s lowest setting to get the exacting detail. Her work was exquisitely displayed in the South London Gallery in the arrangement of a swarm of graceful butterflies resting in the eaves of the building.

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