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Easter will be at the end of this month on 27th March 2016. Instead of chocolate eggs this year, how about giving something more unique and creative or decorating your home with something more sophisticated than the usual homemade crafts? Below we’ve compiled a list of gifts and decorative ideas to make your Easter extra special this year!

We love this cool “Negg Cup” comprised of two pieces of laser cut wood that can be slotted together to turn into an innovative egg cup for your breakfast this Easter Sunday!


These intricate Victorian Lace designs by artist Beth Ann Magnuson have been delicately engraved onto eggshells. The use of eggshells as a material pushes the boundaries of what can be engraved and we think they would make a great gift at Easter.


Or what about a set of ornate bunnies to adorn your dining table at Easter, made from pieces of laser cut wood?


We love the innovative packaging of this egg box, challenging the norm with it’s unusual upright design. This “Nest Box” was cut out from one piece of cardboard by laser.

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