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Beautifully designed and well crafted interiors can make a huge difference to any indoor environment, whether it be at home, in an office or shop floor. The interior can speak volumes to your clients and customers and even help sell your product. Below are 5 things that we at LaserCut WORKS think are really important when it comes to creating the perfect interior space – with the help of laser cutting, of course!


1) Signage

Signage can help your clients navigate around your business as well as give them a flavour of what you’re about. Playing with materials like metal and wood as well as using laser cutting can give your business a unique edge over your competitors.


2) Textiles

Textiles can often be overlooked by the rookie interior designer, especially in spaces such as offices. Adding textiles, like these fallen flowers by Studio Tord Boontje, can add warmth and depth into an otherwise simple space.


3) Feature Walls

A feature wall is a great way to show off uniqueness and creative flare as well as providing a focal point for your work space. Having an interesting design can give your clients something to look at while they’re waiting for a meeting or inspire your staff and create a good working atmosphere. Of course if you can incorporate laser cutting into a feature wall that’s even better for helping to create depth, texture and light in any room!


4) Lighting

Lighting is very important in any space, at home or at work. We at LaserCut WORKS love these cool, industrial looking, on trend laser cut wood light shades which work perfectly in a modern London office!

5) Concealed Spaces

Adding extra walls to conceal spaces or partition areas of an interior space is really useful, especially in spaces which are multipurpose like cafes or offices. Incorporating laser cutting can help create the feel of a partition without a full block of wall.


LaserCut WORKS is a laser cutting, engraving and full on fabrication studio for all your laser cutting needs in London. Give us a call to talk about your next project on 020 3441 3374 or email email at and we’ll be happy to help!

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