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Alexandra Llewellyn

Alexandra Llewellyn // Playing Pieces

Launched in 2010, Alexandra Llewellyn is known for creating original and beautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture. Her designs are both games and objets d’art. “I am forever inspired by how games bring us together and the conversations that ensue. Time is now our greatest luxury and games create a space in […]

Miss Bugs

William cossey // Do No Harm 2

Miss Bugs again with the fun, interesting, unique installations. She has passion for craft and chooses to play with limitations in her designs. We were approached to laser cut different emojis/shapes in the smallest size possible without distorting the details of the design. It required trial and error but we got there in the end […]



Very friendly and helpful service even when we only communicated through email and whilst working during a pandemic. I would highly recommend!

Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson // Iconic Haribrush

MASON PEARSON hairbrushes have been loved by generations, a British design icon that still outperforms its rivals. The famous orange pad fills with air through a small hole in the tip of the brush, giving the hairbrush a luxurious soft cushion. The high quality boar bristle ensures beautiful results and longevity of us.

Amoretti Weddings

Emiliana Gualtieri // Amoretti Weddings

AMORETTI WEDDINGS is a company that specialise in creating ultimate pastries, savouries & craft beverages for special events. Along with their specialties they are constantly innovating and creating new masterpieces. Amoretti ventures into unknown territories time and time again, winning over millions of customers with delicious new products like premium syrups, organic extra virgin oil, […]

Axel Balazsi

Axel Balazsi // Deviate From Function

AXEL BALAZSI is a visual artist that focus on painting and installation art as his medium. His installations formulate abstract narratives of how form follows function and how objects deviate from its functionality. It reflects upon the process of how we transfer ideas into the material world. The work becomes a game of seducing the […]

Kristian Aadnevik / Spring/Summer 2015 womenswear collection

kristian Aadnevik Fashion Kristian Aadnavik // Spring / Summer 2015 womenswear collection

Kristian Aadnevik and his wife Hela approached Lasercut with an overall vision for their collection – inspired by ancient Greek mythology and was to feature metal fretwork to evoke the mythical eclecticism of the antiquity.

Neat Burgers

Neat Burger // Store Signs and Interior

Neat Burger serves plant-based based, having a positive impact on both your stomach and the environment. Neat Burger works in association with Beyond Meat and The Eden Projects. For every product sold, a tree is planted. Ethical and predominantly delicious.


Tayto // Tayto Exhibition & Trade Show Case Study

‘Set deep in the heart of the Ulster countryside in Tandragee is Tayto Castle where Tayto crisps and snacks have been made for the past 60 years. A ‘Taste of Home’ our products have been a big part of growing up in Northern Ireland. We select the finest, specially grown potatoes and gently cook until […]

Orbis Conservation Ltd

Orbis Conservation // Plaques

Orbis Conservation Ltd. specialises in a wide range of disciplines including stone and wood carving, decorative surfaces, condition surveys, conservation science and contemporary art. Combined with a thorough understanding and respect for Art History, we are fully equipped to treat decorative objects from past to present – Orbis Conservation Ltd


Alasdair // WINGBACK engraving

An independent design studio founded in 2014 and based in the heart of London. “Good design is about creating a product that fulfils a function reliably, is enjoyable to use, and then slips discreetly into the background when not required. By designing from a usability perspective and considering the whole life of the product, our […]

Daniel Heath

Daniel Heath // Mirror engraving

DANIEL HEATH is a British award winning textile designer renowned for his illustrative designs. Based in the heart of East London, the maker has upheld the respect of craftsmanship and use of sustainable material. Trained in the process of silk-screen printing at the Royal College of Art, he set up his studio to create hand […]

Buppy Jam

Buppy Jam // Shells

Buppy Jam creates unique typography art decorations from pearls and shells. They combine various mixed media for clients that want signs and decorations for interior and exterior.  We are able to cut this materials on our C02 laser on the mesh without leaving any burn marks. 


Envy // Office Desk Etching

Founded in 2004, Envy is a multidisciplinary agency and creative partner that specialises in designing spaces and experiences. With offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London and Australia, Envy Create is a leading international agency that works with many of the world’s leading Brands.


Autonnic // Acrylic Indicators

Having made components to power the world of yachting electronics for decades, Autonnic lives and breathes accuracy and quality. Guided by the elegance involved in yacht design, Autonnic does not believe that instruments should be a visual compromise on board. Out at sea intuitive design and usability are key to staying safe and ensuring an […]


Chris Connors & Elliot Cox // OPO

BEBOX is a wellness technology studio creating immersive, impactful experiences for the modern conscious generation. We believe that wellness is a human right. Our vision for BeBox is guided by the desire to expand and improve our daily quality of life through greater mental, physical and emotional wellness experiences. Science-supported health benefits inherent in our […]