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Our workshops allow us to fabricate large projects. We have a close linked network of specialist model makers, artists, electronic specialists and many more that help us to create your vision. Our metal fabricators help regularly to construct structural rigging on projects and we are confident in taking on any project no matter how large or small the scale.

Case study:

Client: Lexus

Project: Lexus Ice Wheel (Christmas 2016)

Brief: To create 1:1 replica wheels made from ice which could be mounted onto a real Lexus NX SUV and driven on a standard road.

Method: The real wheel was scanned with high resolution cameras. Then the 3D model was adjusted to accommodate a central acrylic core wheel which would take the weight of the car. Additional steel packers were water jet cut and the central 50mm thick acrylic core was CNC Routed on-site.

The 3D file of the ice components was sent to an ice sculpting specialist who cnc routed and hand carved the components which were then assembled together with the packers and core onto the car wheel assembly as seen on channel 4’s “A Frozen Christmas” 2016.