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Design consultation

Aside from our extensive knowledge in the Laser industry we have a broad wealth of experience in the design and fabrication industry. With our in house fabrication capabilities of 3D printers, Laser machines, CNC routers, material finishing capabilities and our connections to packaging manufacturers and injection moulding facilities, we are an all round creative fabrication and production house. Many clients and corporate companies come to us as a first point of call to discuss the feasibility of a project.

We offer a unique consultation service which enables clients to establish the feasibility of there design coming to market. We will happily take on a brief, develop the concept to a point of prototype, from which the client can make an informed decision on materiality, minimum quantity, cost and lead time.

Our consultation services usually take the form of a minimum of a week to develop a prototype (dependant on the clients stage prior to contact) and feasibility study to determine the realisation of the project.

We take trade privacy very seriously at LaserCut Works and encourage our clients to issue Non-Disclosure Agreements to us establishing a level of professionalism and security to put minds at ease.

If you are looking for specialists to help with an idea or concept you have for a product and have the financial means to get it to market please get in touch to see if it can become a reality.