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Drawing Setup

File format

Please provide us with vector based files which can be sent in a variety of formats, most commonly used files are dxf(2004), dwg(2004), illustrator and esp files.
If you want to raster engrave an image we can also work from jpeg, bitmap, tiff and png files.

Line weight

It is important to make sure that your line weights of vector based drawings are nice and thin. We prefer to use a weight of 0.1mm for best results.

Please note

A semi-cut/score line will process much faster then a raster image. Therefore if the design can be achieved in score lines instead of using a pixelated image it will reduce the cost of the job.

Download our templates

To help you set up we have provided templates for you to download and use to prepare for cutting and engraving easily.

Machine bed size — 1250 x 900 template

PDF templateAdobe Illustrator template

MDF — 1220 x 610 template

PDF templateAdobe Illustrator template

Ply — 762 x 762 template

PDF templateAdobe Illustrator template